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In the night of Jan.15th , the Spring Festival evening party of IPRO 2014 was grand held in Shuidou Holiday Hotel( 5-star)



In the night of Jan.15th , the Spring Festival evening party of IPRO 2014 was grand held in Shuidou

Holiday Hotel( 5-star). The Shenzhen Government leaders. MTK Representatives, suppliers, the partners

and clients from all the world, and IPRO Staffs enjoy this party together.





When the night approaches, streetlamps begin to light. There was so much cheers and laughter filled with

a festive atmosphere. Around 18:00pm, The IPRO leaders Mr Xu, Mr Tu, Mrs Adele,and CEO Mr Martin

Mei Arrived the meeting accompany with VIPs. They sent Kind regards to the employees and performers.

All the people give the passionate applause back.







The evening party begin with a hot Dancing show<a good start>. Then the VP Mr Xu made a passionate speech of new

year represent the CEO Mr Mei. “ Welcome to all the guests, supplier, and clients, Thanks all to trust and support IPRO for the long time”.


Review the 2013, IPRO made remarkable achievement once again by one step at a time. He represent the CEO Mr Mei and management

highly appreciated for all stuff’s hard work. And encourage IPRO people to keep moving and create new glories!










This evening party named as “Because Of You, Intelligence higher and further, Technology Creats the Future, many IPRO

stuffs perform onstage. Brilliant star imitate show, Hot latin dancing, provocative whip acrobatics, Funny circus clown,

Sexy Jazz dance, and fantastic melodious spun, Applause bursts and The scream went on and on.









It’s particularly noteworthy about the product show, all the show girls wear the long red gowns. Comes out with IPRO

new products, the audience just scream and shoot with uninterruptible spotlight. It’s the focus of IPRO year party all

the time. The product show of 2014 got much attention, the audience just attracted by the elegant and design of IPRO

products. The client representatives were marveled and give a thumbs-up gesture.







All the programs of evening party was designed and prepared carefully. It brought a shock of Audio-visual feast. It shows the positive attitude and confidence of IPRO people for the future development.





IPRO’s success, It depends on the efforts of all employees. The party also announced the award list of “IPRO excellent

employee”, the Leaders give them Award certificate and trophy. All the audience was impressed deeply after review

their good deeds in 2013 by VCR.





IPRO can’t develop so fast without the supplier’s support as well. IPRO is a gratitude company that walk together and

share the success and happiness, which is the company idea. IPRO also announced the “ Excellent supplier” awards.

They provide great support about the materials, delivery, Quality control, and cooperation. The CEO Mr Martin Mei give

them Award certificate by himself. Which shows IPRO attach much importance on SCM system.





One of the climax in the evening is the “Lucky draw”, which run through the whole party. The 1st entry draw is 100%,

everyone attending the party can get a several hundred cash award. And from the 6th grade to 1st grade award,

the odds reach 90%, the 1st award is 5,000RMB cash. It light the enthusiasm of all the audience. Also pass the lucky

and happiness.





Bright fireworks and loudly singing that is the color and melody of new year,” Let’s call the future and hope...”  The

party ends up as a rhythm of song<Love>, all the audience stood in a row, Rabbit dancing with the guide of host.

The interaction reach another climax. 

Lastly, the CEO Mr Martin Mei and other leaders invite the Vips go to the stage, and take pictures with all the employee,

and performers together. Say goodbye to each other with blessing words.